A HUGE thanks to everyone who entered our contests this year.  Winners are listed below.

Counting Jar #1 - Hallie M  with a guess of 375 (actual was 383)

Counting Jar #2 - Kaolin H with a guess of 300 (actual was 298)

Costume Contest - U9/U10:

   1st place: Kearney's Boneyard (Kearney SC U9/2010 Boys Orange)

   2nd place: 80's Workout Girls (EVO DPA Reign)

Costume Contest - U11/U12:

    1st place: Star Wars (CBSC Supernovas)

     2nd Place: Dalmatians (TC Goal Getters)

Costume Contest - U13/U14

     1st place: Kindness Crew (CBSC Reign)

     2nd place: Starbucks Soccer Queens (NWISC Galaxy U14G)